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Hello and Welcome to The Angel And Me.. My name is Juliyanna and I would like to tell you all a little bit about myself and where the name for our web site originated from...


I was born in the Cayman Islands on a little island 12 miles long with a population of approximately 2500 at the time of my birth. The people of the Cayman Islands are very peaceful people. and do not participate in war.

In 1953 when I was born, our people grew all their own food and lived off of the sea eating fresh seafood as well as the men of the Island were some of the best Seamen in the World. They were excellent ship builders and navigators as well.


I grew up on a farm with my Grand Parents and my three Aunts. I have always been able to see the paranormal such as spirits and have had out of body experiences. For me this was and is the norm, as I travel every night in my dream state. I am very intuitive as I get information from the Angels, my guides and deceased family.


My web site's name comes from two different reasons to call it "The Angel And Me". The first reason for that name is from my healing of cancer  in 1996 by an Angel and the other reason for the name is in honor of my identical twin sister which is on the other side. She is the Angel at the top of the graphic and I am the Angel at the bottom of the graphic sitting on the Island.


I have always stood strong for TRUTH, PEACE, LOVE & RESPECT for all life and all of God's creations. I truly believe we are all as special as the other and we are all here to learn, grow and we each have a very special part in all of this and no ones part or purpose is any greater or less. We are all special and very important in the building of this tapestry  of life here on Earth.

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The Angel And Me web site is a very easy to navigate environment... Just look to the upper left side of this and every page to the Site Index Links. Just Click On The Kitty Graphic next to each Page Name which you would like to journey to and there you are.


Experience Juliyanna's Straight From The Heart Radio Talk Show Free Archived Shows Located Here In Our Realm For Your Listening Pleasure... Juliyanna's Straight From The Heart Intuitive Readings... Our Amazing Orb, Paranormal and Vortex Photos... The Angel's Great Links Pages... The Angel's Good News Forum Where We Are Putting Together The Puzzle Entering The New Earth With Love, Higher Consciousness And A New Understanding Of It All... The Angel's Special Presentations Page Where We Will Be featuring great Presentations To Enlighten and Inform... The Angel Store For The Mind, Body & Spirit, Plus, Great Munchies, Gifts and More... With So Much More To Come...


There Is Just So Much More Which My Angels, Guides and I Want To Share With You... Our Realm Will Be Constantly Morphing ... So Keep Coming Back To Experience Our Ever Changing Planes Of Reality... Blessings Dear Souls And Keep Your Faith, Love And Hope Alive..

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I receive many e-mails and I make sure to answer them all as soon as I can... So,

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