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As I said before they are  NOT DEAD, they are just out of this Earthly body now and in a different form in another dimension and all you have to do is think of them and they know what you are thinking as well as doing and when they can they come and give you the messages that you need but, not always what you want as they can only tell you so much from the other side and I have been told time and time again by my own family members as well as other's that come through "We Can Not Tell You Everything, We Are not Allowed To Tell You Everything" and the reason for that they have said is that some things we just have to learn on our own and if they told us all it would interrupt our learning experience and our soul growth here on Earth. The main message they always want to get across is that they are OK and please do not grieve for them, they are alright and Life Goes On!!!


I love being of service helping others

in whatever way I can and since I have

this gift from God I use it to help people  and to give them relief from their sadness and loss in any way I possibly can letting them know that their loved ones are ok and they are Still Alive only now in a new and totally healthy form.


Sometimes the one you come to speak to and get a message from do not come through until after the call and I will explain to you why that is. You see where they are they are busy the same as we are here on Earth.  They have schools, lessons and many different activities there as well.  


When I sit back and think of myself from a small child up until now, I realize I have always been very intuitive, blessed and guided by the Angels, my guides, Jesus and God as well as spirits from the other side. I have always been able to see people in spirit form and most of the time communicate with them if they have a message for me or for me to pass on to a loved one or friend. They come to visit me  sometimes within a few days or weeks before they pass over and after they have passed over as well. As a small child I thought everyone saw these people and animals too and would share with my family what I was seeing and it would get me in trouble a lot. My family would say I was crazy and or lying and after awhile I finally stopped sharing with anyone what I saw as I  started to question what was wrong with me and why was I so different. Now that I have grown up and have discover after much research for many years and meeting others like myself I now know that each of us that have this wonderful ability is telling the truth, not crazy and it is a Blessed gift from God so  we can help other's with grief and sorrow when they loose the ones they love and so  desperately need answers to their  questions which brings them much relief and gives the assurance that "We Do Not Die" we just move on from this Earthly Body to another dimension, another form of existence.

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